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fresh cod everyday

Our Fish is caught, processed, filleted and frozen at sea on board a number of modern trawlers fishing in the arctic waters of the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic. This preserves the freshness and allows us to keep prices stable and fish affordable to our customers.

Our Cod is ethically sourced from Icelandic Seas from MSC certified suppliers.

bek's kebabs

We have more than double the amount of lean meat compared to a standard UK Kebab. The chicken used for our kebabs is free-range.

HFA Approved. Our quality Doner Kebabs are purchased from EEC Halal plants which are audited regularly.

our chips

Our potatoes are sourced from the finest UK Farms and we also fry all varieties to produce our widely loved battered chip.

We proudly support sustainable farms throughout the UK.

our story

we’re Just A Chip Off The Old Block