our promise

When we started out in 1989, we were committed to sourcing the best suppliers available on the market and providing the highest of quality standards to our paying customer base which forms part of our ethical values of trading.

Our suppliers have to go through regular audits to ensure all of our products are ethically sourced and we only use the finest of ingredients available.

our products

Our potatoes are sourced from the finest UK Farms and we also fry all varieties to produce our widely loved battered chip. We proudly support sustainable farms throughout the UK as we go through tonnes of potatoes every single year. We peel, prep and fry our potatoes daily which controls excessive waste levels and keeps quality at the highest of standards.

Our Cod is also ethically sourced from Icelandic seas from MSC certified suppliers, about 90% of global fish stocks are either overfished or at risk of being overfished, which ultimately indicates that overall, we need to drastically reduce our fish consumption. We have now seen fish as a supplementary offering and we have standardised and controlled portion sizes. 

our meats

Our Mediterranean influence within the chip shop industry still exists to this day and this couldn’t be more evident than within our kebab range. We have more than double the amount of lean meat compared to a standard UK kebab. We are proud that we use the tenderest of lamb within our döner meat accompanied with a special blend of spices, fats and herbs to give it the richness and fullness that makes the product truly mouth-watering.

There are many cheaper alternatives on the market than lamb however we aren’t looking to exploit these options! The chicken used for our kebabs is free-range, we only use thigh meat as it provides a richer and more vibrant taste and offers the best quality and texture. 

Plastic ‘isn’t’ so fantastic

We’ve been trying to reduce the amount of single use plastics; we have now reduced our overall plastic and polystyrene count by 95%. We’re confident that this simple swap can make a significant reduction in our plastic waste and we have also created a recyclable range. After all we really care about our oceans, without them we wouldn’t have a business!

We continue to work closely with our packaging partners to ensure we source packaging that has the least impact on the environment. Our food has always been served in recyclable boxes and bags; we won’t stop searching for ways to decrease any unnecessary waste. We are always looking to find ways to improve the sustainability. 

our people

Our workforce is made up of people from all different backgrounds, races, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, skin tones and disabilities. Equal opportunity is a state of fairness in which our employees and customers are treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers, prejudices or preferences.

We are really passionate about two things at Bek’s, Women in leadership roles and employing local young talent and giving them an opportunity to flourish by providing them with foundations and life skills as well as technical support. Women make up the majority of our workforce, we believe in equality and the title Man-Age-R does not mean you have to be a man of age within Bek’s. We pay all of our team members above ‘National Living Wage’ after training and that includes paid lunch breaks.

We are striving to create a great work life balance and promote flexible working. All of our team members have the opportunity to develop their career from starting positions right through to becoming managers or even a store owner as a franchisee.

Green is keen

We are super committed to becoming a greener business at Bek’s, we have made significant investments in energy efficiency, from our fryers that help us recycle our oils to the management of manual equipment in store. We have also committed to reduced opening hours where we have decided not to open within quiet working periods which significantly reduces our energy output. 

our story

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