our story


Migrating from Cyprus 🇨🇾

Grandfather (Bek’s Founder) left Cyprus for London in 1953 He then joined the British Army roughly around 1957, after leaving the army in around 1959 he then found his way to Birmingham.


Entry into the Fish and Chip Industry

In 1961 we found our way into the fish and chip industry owning shops in Erdington, Hall Green, Shelfield and then Finally onto our site in Darlaston, Wednesbury in 1989.


Hello Darlaston 👋

The business then passed onto our 2nd generation of fryers who have held the black country site since 1989.


3rd generation fryers 🍟

In 2021 (now 3rd generation of fryers) the mother and son team have become one of the most successful and talked about independent sites in the UK and decided to franchise out their concept and expertise.

our future

4th generation fryers

We’re currently working on our 4th generation of Fryers, they’re currently in early stages of training


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